Google Assistant and News / L’assistant de Google pour s’informer

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Alexander Bregman, strategic partner development manager at Google. 

“Ten years ago, Google started to be a mobile-first company. (…) Today, Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, says that in ten years it’s going to be all Artificial Intelligence (AI)”. Alexander Bregman shows in a quick but impactful presentation that Google Assistant is only the beginning of Google’s turn to AI.

Trends in AI development

Computing is not just on a computer anymore. Alexander Bregman, guest speaker at the Nouvelles Pratiques du Journalisme day-long conference organised by the Journalism School of Sciences Po Paris, explained that mobile devices are growing smarter today and are interconnected with other devices. At the same time, human computer interaction becomes more intuitive. “It’s all about speech”, he highlighted. The aim for new AI products at Google is to offer more intelligent, delightful experiences.

Google Assistant is the example of what an AI assistant can be. “There’s a lot of tech that goes in the background”, Alexander Bergman said. “It’s not just AI that makes it work. In new Google technologies, we include natural language processing, machine learning, knowledge graph, payments…”. A variety of technological developments that allow for the increasing personalization and performance of assistants.

Google Assistant, he explained, is now ready to help more than 100 millions devices. The assistant can be interacted with through different types of actions depending on the device where it’s used (talking, tapping, typing, among other stuff).

What’s the link between AI and news publishers?

“Lots of users on Google Assistant already ask questions regarding news”, revealed Alexander Bregman. Google Assistant is therefore trying to include narrative news in its development, to answer the questions of its users. The user experience in terms of news preferences has to be a point of focus for Google. Alexander Bregman also emphasized the role of conversational app, the “typical AI experience you have been dreaming about”. Partners such as L’Equipe and Ellealready try out this option. France info, Europe 1 and Radio France are also among those experimenting with Google Assistant, through the process of narrative news we just described.

And this is just the beginning.

Marion Lefèvre


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