Capturing the shot with computational photography and AI / Photographier des scenes d’actualite via l’intelligence artificielle

Crédits: Yann Schreiber

Ryan Stout, founder of Arsenal


Journalist photographers are facing a number of challenges going into the future. A professional photographer has to make several technical decisions in rapidly changing situation;  such as whether to introduce more light into a shot, but lose its depth of field. Ryan Stout, the founder of Arsenal, explains how thanks to technology, photographers don’t have to make these sacrifices any more.

Put simply, ‘the challenge of photographers is to compose a good shot – to tell a story, and capture a specific time and event’. A good photo can show a viewer everything about what is going on, just by capturing the right moment. ‘There are a lot of great photos that wouldn’t have worked if they had been taken a minute before or later.’

Journalism photography is primarily a manual exercise; although photographers tend to shoot in an automated exposure mode, the main decisons are still left to the person behind the camera. However, technology can choose between two photos of the same situation with different lighting and take the median, thus capturing both light and darkness in the same photos. Phone camaras can incorporate these differences automatically, but this is the first time that camaras have been able to produce the same result.

These changes are fundamentally transforming the way journalist photographers can tell stories; whereas previously they could capture a quarter of a second in time, now they can distill a whole second into a single shot.

Olivia Konotey-Ahulu

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